SondeMonitor tracks and decodes live weather data telemetry from radiosonde weather balloons


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Requirements to run SondeMonitor

Download SondeMonitor

SondeMonitor can be downloaded freely and comes in a self-extracting EXE file which automatically installs itself. The file size is a modest 1.6Mb.

Registration of SondeMonitor

SondeMonitor can be freely downloaded and used for 21 days. After that time it must be registered. Registration can be done swiftly and securely on-line and costs only Euro €25 (plus VAT for EU residents) for personal use. A higher fee applies to professional or commercial use of SondeMonitor. We strongly recommend that you ensure that SondeMonitor performs to your satisfaction before registering. Please don't consider using a cracked version of the software. Unless I get a small return on the time that I invest in adding new features, I will not be able to continue to do so. Thanks.

Plug-ins for SondeMonitor

CombiPlotter provides you with a low-overhead means of displaying the radiosonde positions decoded by SondeMonitor on another chart view. It will plot simultaneous data from ShipPlotter, PlanePlotter, OrbcommPlotter and SondeMonitor on a single chart.


The JPEG decompression routines employed for the maps in SondeMonitor are copyright (c) The Independent JPEG Group.
The demodulation and decoding of the M2K2 would not have been possible without the encouragement and guidance of users who prefer not to be identified.
The demodulation and decoding of the DFM06 was only possible having seen a slide presentation on the subject by Matthias Amberg and Bernhard Radzio and with the benefit of a preview of a paper to be published by the AmateurfunkForshungsGruppe of the Technische Universitât Kaiserslautern authored by M Amberg, B Radzio and B Schaaf.


There are considerable variations in the legislation concerning radio reception in the different administrations around the world. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not your local administration permits the reception of radio telemetry messages from radiosondes. It is specifically forbidden to use SondeMonitor for any illegal purpose whatsoever. The existence and the availability of SondeMonitor is not to be construed as an incitement to commit any unlawful act. It is for use only in those states and regions where such use is permitted.
The ability of SondeMonitor to plot the ground track of a digital sonde in real time is not to be construed as in incitement to commit an offence in those jurisdictions where to find and keep a lost radiosonde would contravene the law.
Chasing an object using a road vehicle is intrinsically dangerous. We cannot accept any responsibility for vehicle or other accidents occurring while using SondeMonitor to chase a sonde in any kind of vessel, vehicle or aircraft.
The registered company names, trade names, and product names mentioned in this help file are proprietary to their respective owners and are herby acknowledged. The data formats used by the radio sondes are proprietary to the manufacturer of those sondes and the information decoded and displayed by SondeMonitor has been inferred by reference to material in the public domain and after a very lengthy study of the signals themselves and explicitly without any reference whatsoever to any proprietary material or information. As such, it is entirely possible that some inferences that we have drawn about the nature of the data being transmitted, are incorrect and as a result the information displayed by SondeMonitor may be misleading or wrong.
Accordingly, we cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of using this program or data from it for any purpose whatsoever.

Introduction to radiosondes

  • BBC program about radiosondes.
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