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PlanePlotter receives and decodes live digital position reports from aircraft and plots them on a chart.

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Using PlanePlotter, you can see a radar-like display of all those aircraft around you that are transmitting the appropriate digital messages including ACARS, ADS-B and HFDL.

PlanePlotter - Features

The animated screen grab from PlanePlotter (left) was kindly provided by John Locker.

Requirements to run PlanePlotter

Download PlanePlotter

PlanePlotter can be downloaded freely and comes in a self-extracting EXE file which automatically installs itself. The download file size is a modest 5.5 Mb.

Registration of PlanePlotter

PlanePlotter can be downloaded and used free of charge for 21 days to process and display data from your own receiver. To display other users' data using the Internet sharing feature, or to continue to use the program after 21 days requires payment of the licence fee. Payment can be done swiftly and securely on-line and costs only Euro ?25 (plus VAT for EU residents) for personal use. A higher fee applies to professional or commercial use of PlanePlotter. We strongly recommend that you ensure that PlanePlotter performs to your satisfaction before registering.

Multilateration in PlanePlotter

Multilateration to locate Mode-S aircraft that are not transmitting ADS-B position reports, is a premium service within PlanePlotter. Only "Master Users" of PlanePlotter can initiate multilateration requests.

Users who are regular raw data providers are automatically Master Users. If you have a suitable receiver and if you have set up your system to provide raw data to the multilateration scheme and your system has been validated and you make it generally available for other users' benefit, then in return for your contributing raw data, you are automatically entitled to Master User status and there is no additional fee for using this feature. Note that providing raw data is not the same as the routine Internet sharing of aircraft data between users and very occasional or intermittent provision of raw data does not qualify. Only regular raw data providers have automatic Master User status.

If you are a PlanePlotter licence holder but you cannot contribute raw data regularly, you can request temporary Master User status for an experimental period of 21 days using the link below. If you request the 21 day trial, you are not committed to paying any fee unless you want to continue to use it after the end of 21 days. After that, you may choose to pay a small annual fee of Euro 12.00 (plus VAT in EU countries) to continue as a Master User. To request your 21 day free trial, please follow the link below.

Click here for more information on Multilateration in PlanePlotter.

New ! - PlanePlotter Mobile

PlanePlotter mobile is a PlanePlotter viewing companion for your Android 4+ device. Transform your mobile device into a virtual radar screen, with plane positions updated in real time.

The PP Master User (MUs) licence is valid for both PP and PPm installations, and enables viewing of many positionless aircraft (e.g. military, private). PlanePlotter mobile enables you to customize its behaviour and appearance:

Support for PlanePlotter users

Plug-ins for PlanePlotter

CombiPlotter provides you with a low-overhead means of displaying the aircraft data known to PlanePlotter on another chart view. It will plot simultaneous data from ShipPlotter, PlanePlotter, OrbcommPlotter and SondeMonitor on a single chart.

PP2GM shows you your PlanePlotter aircraft on a Google-Map display. The late, and sorely missed, Curt Deegan exercised his skill with scripting languages to extract the current aircraft displayed on the PlanePlotter chart and to display them instead on a local Google-Map presentation. This add on requires a recent version of PlanePlotter and an Internet connection for Google-Maps but it does not require a web server.

FindFlight is another of the late Curt Deegan's outstanding scripts. FindFlight uses a flight number to retrieve flight and airport details from Internet on-line databases. PP designated plane feature used to select which flight to look up and can add the result to the PP database Route field. PP Route time stamp used to update old routes. Allows changing options while running. Will look up and set reg.num. and a/c type. Manual, automatic, and unattended modes. Includes AutoZoom function. Now with mouse-over pop-up route info display.

PP Outline Navigator contributed by Keith, a new add-on author, is a simple one click navigation toolbox that enables you to pan, zoom save and restore in Outline View with just one click. NOTES - requires .NET Framework version 2 (or possibly the latest version 3.5 to be safe), also PP must be running BEFORE you run this executable!

PPDetails written by Ian Hubbard, pops up one or more information windows on selected aircraft in PlanePlotter.


There are considerable variations in the legislation concerning radio reception in the different administrations around the world. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not your local administration permits the reception of radio signals from aircraft. It is specifically forbidden to use PlanePlotter for any illegal purpose whatsoever. The existence and the availability of PlanePlotter is not to be construed as an incitement to commit any unlawful act. It is for use only in those states and regions where such use is permitted.

The peer-to-peer data exchanges are to be used only where the users at both ends of the link are situated in jurisdictions were such use is permitted.

The Internet sharing and multilateration features are to be regarded as experimental and may be withdrawn at any time.

If you use PlanePlotter on board your own aircraft you must understand that, while PlanePlotter may provide you with some potentially useful information about some of the aircraft in your vicinity, COAA does not make any warranties whatsoever that PlanePlotter is fit or appropriate for any application, including but not limited to, applications where the safety of life is at stake. On the contrary, your primary means of navigation, collision avoidance and airmanship in general must place no reliance whatsoever on PlanePlotter or any of the data that it generates. Not all aircraft carry Mode-S equipment; not all aircraft that carry it can be relied upon to have it operational; the radio receiver to which PlanePlotter is connected may not be delivering all messages in a decodable form; PlanePlotter may not decode or display messages correctly. PlanePlotter code is reliability tested to an extent that is adequate for entertainment and educational use but is neither warranted nor tested for any operational use whatsoever.

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